2 definitions by Mike Roynhertz

An awe-inspiring jam-band from New York state that has managed to stay off the radar of the herd-mentality jam-band neo-hippies who cram like sardines into phish shows.
Dude, I saw moe. at the Aragon and it was only half full. They closed the first set with a sick Kids>Mexico, and I didn't have to stand in line for a piss at intermission.
by Mike Roynhertz August 18, 2004
noun. A rock band whose performances include long, unscripted, meandering segments which experiment with structure and sound. Jam bands typically play very long sets whose playlists are only vaguely defined by lists of "songs." Jam band fans often heighten their musical experience by taking hallucinogenic drugs or by smoking pot. Examples include the Dead, moe., Phish, Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident.
moe. is a jam band.

Q. What did the Deadhead say after the acid wore off?

A. This band sucks!
by Mike Roynhertz August 20, 2004