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Something Good Charlotte, Fred and George and Mary-Kate and Ashley fans dream about.
Me:twincest...insn't that wrong?
GC fan: Only if u swallow, liek!!111
by Michelle The Pirate July 11, 2004
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OMG, did u hear? Joel is dating Hilary Duff. I was SO anti Hilary Duff be4 that!
by Michelle The Pirate July 10, 2004
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Mediocre "goth" guitarist, who resembles Meryl Streep's skeleton. Performs with pop band, Good Charlotte. Looks very odd indeed. He wears more make up than me, but always boasts his manliness. His body is covered in Nightmare Before Christmas scribbles and other "cult-yet-trendy" flashwork. Saddo.
Don't tell anyone but... I think billy is immortal.
Billy certainly is anorexic.
Eat a sandwhich!
Errr... what gender is Billy anyway?
If Billy goes any further into the closet we will have to start calling him Aslan!
Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's maybelline.

"OMG i just seen his girlf, wot a butter face. Billy have me! I can suck your willy, better than her" -Average Billy Fan.
by Michelle The Pirate July 10, 2004
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A nice girl who couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, or sing/dance.

Even though she is not to everyone's liking, she does not deserve the amount of backlash from Good Charlotte fans, who want her skinned alive because she is dating Joel Madden, the lead singer.
God, some people are so harsh to Hilary.

Isn't she 16? Isn't Joel Madden 25? Isn't that...illegal?
by Michelle The Pirate July 10, 2004
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The extremely untalented twins from Good Charlotte who, their mainly teenybopper fans, have SO much fun writing incest fanfics on! LIEK TOTALLY, CHLOE!!!111

Also, lead singer, Joel is a big fat nonce who is banging MINOR Hilary Duff.

They are successfully destroying punk. The deubuted on MTV but started calling it "Sellout tv". Well, my darlings, that would make you's sellouts too, now wouldn't it?
OMG liek did u read that fanfic were they do 'it' in the car, then the boat and he's liek "hey baby I love you" and Joel's liek "Where are we, my twincester?"
by Michelle The Pirate July 10, 2004
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