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Perhaps the best and worst swear that can be used in modern times. After observing television censorship it came to my attention that you can't say asshole so they censor hole; and you can't say god damn so they censor god. This being the case, and the fact that you have never heard it said on tv, one can deduce that godhole must be one of the most powerful swears ever used.
Shut your godhole.
What in the godhole are you talking about.
wtgh = what the godhole
omgh = oh my god hole
by Michael & Simone December 07, 2007

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The feeling you get when you pass hangry and will kill if you don't get food soon.
I'm long past hangry and if I don't get food soon, I'll become hungercidal.
by Michael & Simone April 24, 2016

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A polite way of calling someone a son of a bitch, but more harsh than son of a gun. Best used in mixed company where a real swear might not be appropriate.
"That George Bush sure is a son of a smichigun"
"Son of a smichigun, gas is expensive"
"That dutch bag son of a smichigun cut me off"
by Michael & Simone May 06, 2008

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