6 definitions by Michael Pettett

Hey, you're no longer a slaphead. Have you been to a clinic. No I read a book on haironautics and as you can see I am no longer bald.
by Michael Pettett August 28, 2006
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A girl that has lived and regarded herself as a lesbian, but now is either a bi-girl or straight and no longer gay.
For a period of six years she lived as a Lesbian and had several relationships, now she is simply a Hasbian.
by Michael Pettett May 13, 2006
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Noun: A female aquamarine who has a rightwing view on politics (the right are usually associated with the colour blue, except in the U.S.) with an environmental overtone (represented by a green colour and when added together they make aquamarine). Typically a middleclass mum with a large pram driving a Lexus hybrid RX400h and shopping at ‘Wholefoods Market.’
There are so many Aquamarinettes out today that we will never get a table at the coffee shop, let alone a space to park the car.
by Michael Pettett July 22, 2006
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A sign used to show that you feel like a right tit.
What an idiot I was (.)
by Michael Pettett August 13, 2006
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1)female that has very large breasts, a trim flat waist and a round bottom, usually with large thighs.
2)Danni Ashe.
Look at that boobum, just looking at her gives he a hard on.

Boobum's are just my type of girl. Something to hold on to at the front, back and a place for my arm when they are standing up.
by Michael Pettett August 03, 2006
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Enviromental fundamentalists.
The scientific Gore-Tex anorak wearing environmentalists, who have a paying job, the raggle-taggle of unemployed drop-outs orange dreadlock attired, socialist Greens with hand-knitted banana skin sandals and tea-cosy hats, the former also wear sandals, but with socks while the latter’s feet have a fine coating of grunge and the last group of Envireens, the plain loonies. The environmentalists remind you of your science teacher, while the eco-warrior Greens are all too familiar of a child gone horribly wrong. The loony king is the type that wants government to reduce airport capacity by grounding 90 per cent of all flights now reducing the number of landing slots, cutting down the size and the number of runways. Eventually perhaps closing whole airports.
by Michael Pettett April 21, 2008
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