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Where a Fish lives.
One day Jann and Harvey ventured into 58 Beechwood....And they started to have fun with a tiny fish they met in a white grandma car...
"Heyy Jann lets push Fish into the pool, it likes water."
"Sure Harvey, make sure it doeasn't see though"
by Michael Gatto August 14, 2008
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A slang term referring to the idea of an old, non cleansed area underneath a males penis. Usually, From-Unda-Cheese is used as a deragotory term to insult or make fun of a boy who doesn't wash his genitals, or even shower at all. The word can also be used to play a joke on a female or male because when said quick enough, it sounds like Fromundacheese... which could quickly be interpreted as a type of cheese.
1) "Eww... hes got some serious From-Unda-Cheese, I can fucking smell it."

2) "Hey Katie!"
"(laughing under breath).. Do you like Fromundacheese?"
"What's That?"
"It's a kind of cheese, it's really tasty on macaroni."
"(decides to act like she has eaten it before),,...Yeah! Its my favorite kind of cheese lol."
"(starting to crack up)... lol cool..."
"What's so funny??"
by Michael Gatto August 14, 2008
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He is very sexy, with amazing blue eyes. And he has like 3 tatoos and is very sexy. he is very talented and plays in a band and plays the guitar. He had 5 years of high school, but no matter, he was still my favorite person in Garbarinos bio class. He loves Jenn's artwork and is very supportive of her wanting to become a tattooist. He is very nice and can totally rock out. he claims he has met katvond and ami james and yoji and the rest of that gang, but jenn begs to differ, because she would secretly be jealouse if she were ro find out it was true. Jakearchambault always put his schoolwork upon the back filing cabinet in bio. He will be forever rememberd by parsippany high school for his coolness, attractiveness, personality, and awesomeness. He is missed dearly.
"Heyy jakearchambault, what's up?"
"lol, do you like my chicken man?"
"What is that? lol"
"Its a chicken nugget on my pencil, and it has mayo eyes, cool huh?"
"fuck yes"
a week later...
"hey jakearchambault! wheres your chicken man?"
"its in my locker"
by Michael Gatto August 14, 2008
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It goes to morris catholic high school. And has no friends, titties, and eats ballsack off a tree.
"The Almighty harelip Has returnedd!!! RUN AWAYYYYY!!!!"
by Michael Gatto August 14, 2008
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The Space of matter beneath the ground. Mostly thought to be considered only the earth's crust layer.
When someone dies, they are sometimes buried 6 feet underground.
by Michael Gatto August 29, 2008
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