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small fragments of miscellaneous particles found in between the sheets of an untidy bed.
bed crumbs can be caused by a number of things, such as
-eating in bed
-dumping glitter on your sheets
-letting homeless people sleep in your bed
-being slutty
(often found in the beds of sloppy people and college dormitories)
-When you're eating puff pastries in bed, and later that night, you're sleeping in a pile of irritating globs of food - bed crumbs!

-When someone has been walking outside barefoot, then climbs underneath your covers, and shards of dirt, sand and dry leaves are transferred to your freshly made bed - bed crumbs!

Use it in a sentence!
-"Don't put your feet on my bed, I don't want any bed crumbs."
-"Ew! Someone was eating applesauce in my bed, and now I have stinky bed crumbs!"
-"You know it's time to wash your sheets when you start to get bed crumbs."
by MichAlva February 18, 2009
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