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A white person, normally male, who has adopted the African American 'hip-hop' culture. Usually starts out by listening to hip-hop, and 'gangsta' artists, but soon falls deeper into this culture. The suffix "igger" is meant to mimic the word Nigger. The diffeence between a nigger and a black man is simple. Black people are normal human beings (who CAN listen to solely hip-hop) that do not try to act "hard" and use uncomprehensive slang. However a Nigger likes to wear clothes that are too big, leave the price tags on their clothing to show how much one paid for the particular item, and wear large logoed name brand clothing. They also exaggerate the fact they are "strapped", usually means carrying a 9 millimeter handgun. Of course the wigger simply means white nigger, as in a caucasian who has the nigger lifestyle. Claiming to have been from the streets, and been with many women, or "bitches". The personality of one such person usually consits of negative attitudes. Such as: speech or actions behind an enemy's back, uncomprehendable slang, spineless, evasive, and weak. 95% of the time one such person's freinds are exactly like him. Most end to have very then light colored facial hair, and wear large chains said to be platinum and diamond crested, however these said chains are usually from a quarter machine made to look real and have no value whatsoever. Most tend to have a nickname meant to make them sound younger, or cute, in attempt to attract women.
Wigger: "Yo young blood, raise it for a true pimp."

Nigger: "You know how we do shortay!"

White person: "Hi Roy, are you going to the bar tonight?"

Black person: "Yeah, I'll be there after work, my career tends to be time conuming."
by Metal_forever June 28, 2006
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A follower of true metal music. A person who usually still listens to original metal bands (Judas Preist, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, Motley Crue, etc.). Almost always identified by long hair, sleeveless denim jacket (airbrush painting on back), chain wallet, studded bracelet, black tee, faded jeans (ripped knees, or cut-off shorts), black shoes: old high tops, boots, or worn out tennis shoes. Metalheads tend to be very aggressive due to the intense, adrenaline-surging music. They are very free willed, and don't care how they look. Tend to drink often, and can be found air guitaring in public, with freinds, or at parties. They know true metal, and don't argue it. They are also the last people you'd want to fight. Have great hatred for "emo kids" and wiggers. 95% can play an instrument, and is also very loud due to almost constant screaming. They will do as they please and let no one tell them otherwise, also most are fearless.
Wow, that metalhead took out two guys without spilling his beer. That is a true bad ass.
by metal_forever June 27, 2006
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