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someone uncivilised or genrally annoying, usually atributed to londoners
Don't go to london, that city is full of orcs
by Metal Master November 02, 2015

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The Sisterhood of Metal is the greatly accepted female version of the Brotherhood of Metal it's ranks are exactly the same as the Brotherhood of Metal, but with some having slight differences because of gender. An example of this would be Priestess of Metal instead of Priest of Metal.
I am a member of the Sisterhood of Metal, which is connected with the Brotherhood of Metal
by Metal Master January 10, 2006

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The many unacountable people who are the male and female offspring of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These people ride black horses, listen to heavy metal and rock and goth music, they ride the night and answer only to the Metal Inquisition. They ride through and burn chav villages and towns, leaving nothing in their wake. Male members are known as riders, female members are known as Angels Of Death.
The Riders of the Apocalypse charged in, destroying the village as they went, killing all who stood in their way
by Metal Master January 05, 2006

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Person who sets up band equipment, tunes up guitars, is sometimes paid from the band, and who always pisses and moans about his bad back.
"Our roadie is always moaning about his bad back!"
by Metal Master September 25, 2005

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With it's roots stretching back some 20 years, today's more popular metal strain, metal-core, is a blend of two different genres, hardcore punk and thrash metal. The ratio of the blend is not defined or regulated and can sometimes rely on the particular band or fans to categorise the music. Metalcore bands such as Chimaira, for instance, rarely use clean, melodic vocals in their tracks, as opposed to groups like killswitch engage who regularly include a more melodic approach through the chorus sections. The latter approach is often attacked by fans of 'classic metal' for not being true to the game, how-ever, others simply see it as an evolutionary path and the bands in question exercising their right to make the style of music they feel comfortable with. Lyrically, the metalcore scene typically revolves around feelings of inner strength, determination, rejection, unity, personal loss and anti-authoratirianism.
Some examples of Metalcore bands :- killswitch engage, war of ages, as i lay dying, chimaira, 36 crazyfists, devildriver, the agony scene, darkest hour, god forbid, ill nino, panic cell, a perfect murder, a love ends suicide, all that remains, bleeding through, carpathian, diecast, e town concrete, hatebreed, it dies today, lost eden, machinehead, shadows fall, souls harbor, still remains, throwdown, unearth, machinemade god, kataklysm, senses fail, atreyu, endwell, mudvayne, mercury switch, dance gavin dance, sick of it all, soilwork, dry kill logic, bury your dead, lamb of god, swift, himsa, clifton, swift, alterbridge
by metal master September 12, 2007

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a shit type of music and lifestyle choice that has no place in the New World, something only chavs and wannabe wiggers listen to
Man: That hip-hop is shit, play something with a bit of fucking talent.
Hip hop fanatic: *lost for words that someone has stood up to him/her*
by Metal Master September 27, 2005

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