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A horrible place to work, I know, I once worked there, you can get food poisoning from the chicken they serve, the secret ingredients are flour, something that looks almost like garden herbs and salt (Not exactly secret when you've got all, if not two of the ingredients at home and readily alavilble) a place that makes Nazi Germany look like a tourist destination. I was sacked because I refused to serve out of date food to customers, (we had a new boss who was Satan who had managed to posses a human body that wanted the old food shifting, the more simple idea would be to dispose of the chicken in the bins at the back) do yourself a favour, don't work at KFC
KFC= Kan't Find the Chicken
KFC Manager: Can you please serve the customers the out of date Chicken?
Me: Fuck off, I'm not doing that!
KFC Manager: then get off the premesis and don't come back!
by Metal Master September 29, 2005

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Formed by Metalheads/Rockers/Moshers/Punks as a form of dance and can (sometimes) be used as a highly effective death sentence for Chavs
Metalhead at concert: Mosh Pit!
by Metal Master September 27, 2005

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The best team in the Superleague, nobody can beat St Helens!!
St Helens just won the Powergen Cup Final, a score of 42-12. Next Stop: The Superleage Grand Final! COME ON YOU SAINTS!!
by Metal Master August 26, 2006

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An ancient religion set up by Metalheads/Moshers/Rockers/Goths that has very fine layers that must be respected, can als be called the Sisterhood of Metal for female members, the layers/ranks are as follows:

Air Guitarist
Preacher of Metal
Priest of Metal
Psyker of Metal
Metal Seer Council Member
Prophet of Metal
Representitive of Seers
God of Metal
The Brotherhood of Metal also has it's own army, that being
Soldier of Metal
Judge of Metal (Not to be confused as a person who decides what Metal bands are good/bad, but a person who can issue a Mosh Pit Death sentence to a Chav scumbag
me: I'm a member of the Brotherhood of Metal.
Friend: a good and well respected religion then.
by Metal Master September 27, 2005

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A person who either hunts in packs or alone, and destroys Chavs. Sometimes called the Van Helsing of the Metal/Rocker/Goth/Mosher/Punk society, a person who is much better than the police as being the final/only solution to the Chav Problem
Chav 1: I've heard the Chavhunter comes here, I'm on my own so I can't look tough.
Chavhunter (in the shadows): don't move, scream out or Breathe, you're going to die!
by Metal Master September 27, 2005

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Person from the North of England, unlike their Southern counterparts, Northerners live very harsh lives. Someone who is NOT from London. Sometimes refered to as a "Northern Monkey" (a Southern insult) Northerners also do not like forgien (mainly American) tourists going to just London for a holiday.
American Tourist: Are you from London?
Me: No, I'm a Northerner, we're not all from London, you stupid Yank!
by Metal Master September 26, 2005

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A branch of the Brotherhood of Metal. Known for their Anti-Chav activities, the Metal Inquisition can issue Cleansing notices to any McDonalds restraunt to clear the area of Chavs after a suspected outbreak of a Chav Infestation. If this is the case, an Inquisition member can then issue a closure notice one month prior to the cleansing notice being issued, if cleansing procedures havn't been met. during heavy Chav activities, the Metal Inquisition has been known to send people out to hunt down these Chav layabouts, these people are known as Chavhunters. The ranks of the Inquisition consist of:
Cleansing Inquisitor
Brother Inquisitor
High Inquisitor
Lord Inquisitor
Metal Inquisition: This McDonalds is to be closed due to the failure to act upon the Cleasning notice issued one month prior to this closure order being issued.
by Metal Master September 29, 2005

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