3 definitions by Mergeman

An imaginary (yet vital) loose part hanging from underneath an unsuspecting motorist's car. Alerting unsuspecting motorists about said item is of supreme importance. Mission accomplished when unsuspecting motorist pulls over and gets out to see whats wrong with his car.
Driver 1: (while pointing at undercarriage) "Hey Sir, your Fister saster caster unit is out"
Driver 2: "What"?
Driver 1: "Your fister saster, the caster unit, it's out" (still pointing)
Driver 2: "oh really?!? oh, um ok" (pulls into rite-aid parking lot)
Driver 1 then laughs laughs laughs all the way to work.
by Mergeman August 5, 2008
One who exemplifies the qualities of a "jerk"
"Jen's brother is such a jerkenheimer, why won't he ask me to prom?"
by Mergeman March 11, 2003
a variation of the well known game of hitting a golf ball with clubs. This version, born in a suburb of Sacramento, Ca. involves tossing one of your own shoes at a distant object such as a light pole or mailbox. Scoring is much like the PGA, depending upon the distance. The winner of each hole scores a beer and the players partake in said beers at the end of the game. But usually also before and during the game.
R: Hey Cody, wanna play shoegolf?
C: why yes I do, Ryan! Par 4 to the stopsign
R: you're on, this hole is a Corona Hole
C: Get me a lime
by Mergeman March 11, 2003