3 definitions by MercenaryNym aka DJ NYTDDS

Someone who thinks they are the best at a game, be it of the video, computer, or card/board variety. When someone with this syndrome loses a game, or is losing they call you a cheater and yell and curse at you. Seeing how they think they are better than everyone else at a peticular (or all) games.
"Damn This Game, it cheats I swear!" "It doesn't cheat, you just dont know how to play well enough. You Ußerleetness Syndrome headed fool."
by MercenaryNym aka DJ NYTDDS October 28, 2006
The true term for Ike Ike, is to say Fuck You. It's Street Slang. Go, Go. Is incorrect. Fuck You is correct.
Foot tapping inside of a chatroom or game. Can be used when someone is taking a long time to respond or you are bored. The "..." = Tap Tap Tap
Upon 10 minutes of complete silence, one would ... to try to start a conversation, or show they are bored.
by MercenaryNym aka DJ NYTDDS August 23, 2008