2 definitions by Meiiko

A sweet girl, who is always there to help her friends or random strangers. But she might need your help too. A Crisiana has often dark curled hair and is very beautiful. Everywhere she goes at least 1 or 2 boys will get a crush on her.

She has a great personality and is the best friend you could ever want.
Oh wow that girl is beautiful.

Crisiana is her name
by Meiiko June 27, 2017
"L'appel du vide" is when you have self-destructive thoughts for a split second - like swerving your car into oncoming traffic or imagining yourself jumping when you're standing at the edge of a cliff even though you'd never really do it. The phrase literally translates as "The call of the void"
"I just had a L'appel du vide"
by Meiiko September 10, 2017