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When entering an establishment where the majority of the patrons are of retirement age, one can covertly refer to this as the Old Folks Home in code "OFH" without offending the patrons. This can be very useful in describing an eating establishment which has excellent "home" cooking which the old folks flock to like a pig to shit. Restaurant names typically have a name like "Family Restaurant" or "Home Dining" and don't qualify unless they have a daily special.
Cell phone coversation to friend who is on the way to the OFH while you already seated at the table: "Yo Tim I'm at the OFH, shall I order the special of the day for you (liver and onions)".
by MehCuzImBlackSeh July 16, 2008
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Football Pussy:
When a chick has the ever infamous lump'o fat above her pussy due to being overweight, one can covertly refer to it as a the "Football Pussy". Every man that has ever touched a football during their lifetime will immediately know exactly what you are refering to when you say: "Hey check out that football pussy on Kate". For some strange reason the shape of the punt resembles a football.
Yo dude, in September Mary was tight. Since final exams, I think Mary has put on the freshman 15, all to her football pussy.
by MehCuzImBlackSeh July 16, 2008
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