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The Jack Thompson of African Americans. Nuff said

See Jack Thompson
Al Sharpton uses RACISM as a scapegoat for many African American victims just like Jack Thompson uses VIOLENCE in video games as a scapegoat for kids who have no common decency or sense of reality in order to get away with it clean. And just like politics, they both focus on who to blame rather than actually trying to fix the problem.
by Mecha105 July 28, 2007

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1. A person who is a realist and not an idealist. He/she sees the world for what it truly is and learns from its mistakes and in turn, becomes very successful in life.

2. One who has a vast knowledge about a certain subject, but is not obsessed with it. Don't get us confused with geeks as they are wanna-be nerds who have no life and are obsessed with whatever their fascinations are (usually WoW and shit).
It's unfortunate that there aren't more nerds in the world today.
by Mecha105 July 28, 2007

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