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Abbreviation used by Tottenham Hotspur supporters for "Come On You Spurs"
Spurs actually won the other day! COYS!
by Mealingz March 27, 2008

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Carling 'Micky mouse' Cup winning 'football'club from the Jewish side of North London. Their team consists of west ham rejects and sicknote crocks. despite spurs boasting their many 'English' players, these so called internations, such as Jenas and Lennon are no where near the full England squad.
Support consists of deluded fans who believe they actually won a REAL trophy in the shape of the carling cup, and whose victory over Arsenal reserves ranks as their best ever result in their trophy-bare history. support base generally consists of kebab shop workers, abu hamza, inbreds, Raggi Omars and David Pleat.
"We won the Carling Cup!! get in!! Finally, a trophy to put in our moth-ridden trophy cabinet"

"shut your stupid mouth, its only the micky mouse cup you deluded tottenham fools"
by Mealingz March 27, 2008

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