13 definitions by Mcgwicko

A girl whos kinda into the idea of eating another girls pussy. Like she may do it if the circumstances are right. Similar to bicurious
Tammy and Jenny may hook up tonight. When Tammy gets drunk she gets real lickherish.
by Mcgwicko March 30, 2021
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When you perform a certain Sex act so good (eating pussy, giving head, giving a handjob, etc..) so good you should get a medal for it.
I ate crystals Pussy so good, she was convulsing. I was medaling in eating pussy.
by Mcgwicko September 05, 2016
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Made popular by comedian Joey ''Coco'' Diaz. It's a step above like a boss. When you have total disregard for rules and SOP and just do whatever the fuck you want. A doctor could drive in oncoming traffic because they have to get to surgery, without reprocussions.
the carpool lane is for two or more people only but I used it the whole way to Seattle, like a doctor.
by Mcgwicko January 01, 2017
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When beer isn't quite cold enough and you have a few brews in the freezer. For each beer you pull out of the freezer you put one out of the fridge back in the freezer
Dude you just took two beers out the freezer, but didn't put any back. You messed up the freezer rotation
by Mcgwicko June 23, 2014
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What my ex had. A girl who has a pimple on her ass or in between butt cheeks. Kind of a turn on.
Dude Monique had a pimple butt: she had three zits on her butt because it was so fat . Awesome.
by Mcgwicko September 11, 2016
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In chess when you lose your Queen because you just arent paying attention, or are distracted by too many other things. Popular on chess streams on Twitch. Used also in an attempt to save face because the blunder you just let happen was just silly
Man, I was trying to eat a bahn mi, read chat, and play blitz and I ended up playing the Botez Gambit and losing my Queen and the game.
by Mcgwicko April 04, 2019
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When you fuck a girl all night , and nut on her face or tits. Looks like a glazed Cinnabon treat.
I fucked her doggy all night, then gave her the Cinnabon garnish.
by Mcgwicko September 05, 2016
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