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The person who is either a superintindent or administrator for your schools. He/ she never gives you a snow day, he is probably from Canada. Then there are tons of accidents because of the storm. Sometimes he gives you days off on random days like a windstorm or dust day
wow, our it's a bit nippy eh! is such a ho! We got 72 inches of ice and we're going to school!
by McWaffles January 11, 2009

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Romania is halfway between Persia and the Netherlands. Someone who is half- persian, half- dutch is considered Green. These people are often very dangerous and are known to travel alone. The majority of them live in Ecuador. The most common name for them is "Gavin" which means amature in "moarse code"
Purple Grapes are amazing but Green Grapes are just awful. Romanian Grape vines are poisonous and are only grown in Southern Tanzania
by McWaffles January 09, 2009

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