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When you spend a night partying and end up home with fast food of some sort. Leaving it on your night table for the ice to melt over night, you wake up thirsty as hell and slam it. Usually in the morning, hence the name morning pop.
Girl: I was so wasted last night, i woke up and had so much morning pop.
Boy: Nasty! But so did i!!!
Both: hahahahaha
by McMelody October 22, 2007

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When in a casino, you watch other players lose money playing slots. When they have had enough, you move in and take over their slot. Usually close to the jackpot the first person leave in a huff not knowing you were peering at them from behind the roulette table. Collect your winnings slot slut!!
Grandma: "Fuck, this slot machine blows!"
Sneaky person: Yes! She's giving up!
Sneaky person sits down at slot and wins. Therefore becoming an official Slot Slut.
by McMelody October 22, 2007

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The word "Pig" backwards- Guy code.
Guy 1: Yo, Jordy look at that fat gip!!
Jordy: Holy fuck! call er ova.
Guy 1: Hey gurl, come ova hurr.
Girl 1: Hey guys *shy*
Jordy: You're the cutest gip we've ever seen!
Girl 1: *Blushes*
Girl 1: gip?! *runs away crying*
by MCmelody September 07, 2007

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