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A date at Mc Donalds. Not considered a real date by many.
Jess: Oh my god Michael, I can't believe you went out with that ho.

Michael: Awww Jess, come one. I didn't cheat on you, it was only a McDate.
by McHater February 13, 2008
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Disposing of McDonalds trash on top of the tray with one hand. Carefully pushing the bin's swinging door open with the tray, the person has to then quickly shove the entire tray in the bin to ensure it doesn't tip or slide back. Bonus points if you can keep the tray's paper liner!
Fatty: Dude, I can never get all of it in the bin. Watch this.

Ben: Awwwaahh dude, you got it all over yourself. You need to practice your McShove.
by McHater February 26, 2008
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