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a haircut in which the wearer, rather then shave off the sides of his head for a real mo-hawk, merely gels up a portion of hair in the middle. not everyone can wear it and look good. but if you do it tends to look very cool
last night we put some eyeliner on patrick and gave him a faux-hawk. he looked emo, but very adorable.
by McGees Foo August 04, 2006

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a couch that is stuffed with horse meat rather than whatever it is couches are typicaly stuffed with.
probably edible, but also probably not very tasty
especialy popular with groups of teenagers playing board games in someone's basement whilest drinking Livewire
Hannah: so who would we eat first if we were stuck on a desert island with no food?

Tommy: Don't worry! we would eat the koranarange!
by McGees Foo August 03, 2006

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when you're so fucking bored that even playing runescape seems like it might be a good idea.
person1: hey man i just got my pure melee account up to level 50 and i bought full rune last night
person2:what are you talking about??
person1: oh sorry, i was really runescape bored last night
by McGees Foo August 04, 2006

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