2 definitions by McFucko

When a guy tucks his cock and balls between his legs alla the silence of the lambs, creating somthing resembling a map o' Tassie
For good example check out the movie 'The Silence of the Lambs'
by McFucko June 1, 2004
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1)Slang term for vagina, a shortened version of 'muck hole'.

2)The substance that oozes from the 'muck hole' when you rub a woman the right way.

3)A slang term to describe women in general.
1)"I was with Ella the other day, man she's got the tightest muck ever!!"

2)"I was rubbing up her pussy and got muck all over my hand!!"

3)"I was down at the mall the other day dude and there was plenty of good looking muck walking around!!"
by McFucko May 27, 2004
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