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The greatest place on earth.

The vegas of the UK
it's a fucking dump, folkes
by Maximillian July 02, 2003

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More well known as Jewel. Famous singer, actress, poet, and humanitarian.
Jewel Kilcher's music is tasteful, classy, and extremely depth-ridden.
by Maximillian April 08, 2004

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An ugly woman, usually fat, who looks like she might enjoy a meal of Billy Goats Gruff
Look at the state of that Bridge Troll.. she's got a face like a smacked arse
by Maximillian July 02, 2003

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A meeting of members of the Somethingawful Forums.

Not every member is present at a Goonmeet, usually just those who particularly know each other
Dude, check the goonmeet forum
by Maximillian July 02, 2003

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Adjective used to describe a situation that is seriously ghetto.
If you see someone put an antenna on his or her car that is made of tin foil that could be described as janky. The fact that the idiot did it at all is janktification.
by Maximillian February 20, 2004

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To insert ones penis into the anus of another
Dude! I just butt thumped you!
by Maximillian June 29, 2003

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