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Troll DI DI refers to KKM, a student from Victoria Shanghai Academy who has a severe violent tendency. He is noted for this frame since the day he was born. The word "Troll" can refer to his very aggressive behavior towards people which cause others to start trolling him in order to prevent him from physically abusing other people. This is a national security situation as approximately 999 people, locations and items have been, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, environmentally, socially, intellectually and sexually abused by Troll DIDI. The phrase "DIDI" refers to his arrogance towards his strength and mentality which is clearly out of control. DIDi can also mean Kai Di in Cantonese which is frequently a phrase to describe it. "DIDI" can represent his iconic thick-ass eyebrows which made him look like a f****** caterpillar. If you witness him within 5 kilometers it is best to follow the procedures below:

1) Run for your life
2) If unable to run, stay frozen, he may not be able to sense your presence

3) If you are trapped by this being, it is best to sing the song Burnt Chicken Wings, and "Only You".

4) Pray for god
5) Fight as hard as you can

If you want more information, find the Step Back God.
1. Oh my god it's Troll DI DI
2. Hey yo let's sing Burnt Chicken Wings and Only You
by Max speed Shazam April 11, 2019

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Hanson you can say is the step back god who scores magnificent step backs. He also is a nutmeg god where he usually nutmegs Ka ming.
Oh this kid just performed a spectacular Hanson Lok!!!!!!
by Max speed Shazam April 09, 2019

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As you can see Step Back is a move in basketball, where it is frequently used. This movie can give a separation with the opponent so that you can shoot the ball easier. He is a god because he basically sinks every shot he takes.

Step Back God is also a friendly shooter who likes to "串“ people.
You do not want to mess with Step Back God
by Max speed Shazam April 11, 2019

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Tty tmr means Talk To You Tomorrow. It is basically TTYL but sometimes it is very late and you need to sleep, so tell the person you are talking to tty tmr.
Sorry I've gotta sleep so tty tmr.
by Max speed Shazam April 11, 2019

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Roasted Chicken Wings is originated from a famous young singer called Stephen Chow. Later in the years, there is a young kid who wanted to spread this amazing song to the world. So every day he sings this song whenever he can. This started to cause mental disorders to him, eventually, he became insane.
You don't want to be a Roasted Chicken Wings, as you will need to stay in Ching San Hospital
by Max speed Shazam April 11, 2019

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The word Max means he can run at a maximum speed of 1m per hour, this means he has spectacular speed. The word ho means he is good at associating with ho's, therefore, he is a person you would like to get with and ... :)
I really love to play with Max Ho because he can run and do fun things with me
by Max speed Shazam April 09, 2019

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