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In World of Warcraft, someone who is addicted to "shards". These shards are a potent drug in the game, giving the Warlock a delusion of being all-powerful and undefeatable in combat. Running out of shards causes withdrawal effects like feeling weak and vulnerable, so Warlocks will do anything to replenish their shard supply, up to and including murder.
"If my Warlock didn't run out of shards, that n00b Warrior would never beat me."
by Maurog May 22, 2007

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A form of bigotry towards the non-living, based on the notion that the living are superior to the dead in every way. Pulsists are disgusted by death and treat people who actively seek death with utmost disrespect, making them social outcasts.

Pulsists are commonly against the death penalty, suicide, euthanasia and abortion.

The persecuted minority also includes the undead, and undead sympathizers.
In a blatant display of pulsism, a recent law made it illegal to euthanize anyone if they are able to communicate, even if all they communicate is their will to die.
by Maurog February 04, 2010

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A form of government which cuts the middleman in politics the way Kickstarter does in publishing, wherein instead of voting for a politician, the voters receive a certain amount of "voting money" which they can spend on various policies trying to get them "funded". The result is a custom politician - a political platform consisting of the sum of voter preferences.

Can be turned into a meritocracy if in addition to a fixed amount of "voting money" all voters receive, bonus "voting money" can be earned by, say, completing quizzes which test political awareness.
Kickstartocracy is the best form of government among those that haven't been tried.
by Maurog October 16, 2012

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