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Noun: Any of the species of assholes that feel the need to get the first comment on something as if it actually meant something. These illiterate jackoffs can usually be found trolling Youtube, flash game websites, Myspace/Facebook, blogs, and other places where comments are enabled. There are rumors that these trolls can type faster than they can masturbate, however this is not true.
FCW: first

You: Nobody gives a shit. Fuck off

FCW: if u dont give a shit than y did u comment back

You: You are a donkey-fucker. Go scribble 'first' on the inside of some donkey's sexual organs you cock-smoking first comment whore

FCW: ur a nooob

You: *suicide*
by Matty194 November 30, 2009

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Verb: To pull down the pants and quickly insert an erect penis into the anus of an unsuspecting male or female. Usually followed by running away and rape charges.
Dude! That guy just totally shanked your mom.
by Matty194 November 19, 2009

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