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False fame. The false sense of notoriety and ego inflating self fellatio achieved by self published authors, terrorists, tweens with massive friend lists on social networking sites, and dipshits being milked for lulz. Basically anyone who flaunts their "fame" but doesn't have any money to show for it.
Jonathan Robin spent a small fortune over the last decade buying points at allpoetry.com so he could advertise his work to other shitty poets. That guy is fucking faimous!
by Matthew Kastor May 15, 2013

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Hammering, throwing, kicking, or otherwise abusing equipment due to a complete and blatant ignorance on how to repair it. The monkey fister is most often seen pounding on his keyboard when it is in fact his computer that is malfunctioning or, slamming his cellphone against the wall when he's in the boonies and can't get service.
I don't need another schmuck in my machine monkey fisting the works. I brought my last computer to that kid off craigslist just to get the email working and now I need a new motherboard. . .
by Matthew Kastor August 16, 2012

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A colloquial term used by dipshits to describe the components inside any machine or electronic device.
Jimmy: "Dood, did you find out what was wrong with your puter?"
Billdo: "Somethin went wonky in the works. I got that kid off craigslist workin on it."
by Matthew Kastor August 16, 2012

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