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No Income, No Job or Assets. A brave urban warrior who roams the city streets and job queues in search of the next quest. Perhaps some nice shoes, with laces or a delicious hot dog with extra relish and cheese.

Can be found:
- with a tie around his forehead, warrior style, at his last corporate drinks before being let go. All thanks to that cute girl in accounts, a crab, the photocopier and the C.C.T.V.
- At a lucrative poker game, enacting an opera whilst generously donating their car to a small village, community college or pimp.
- Collecting spare change to seek revenge for a blood oath.
Man I almost feel sorry for Jack. The man has become a bloody N.I.N.J.A. since the whole bleach 'accident'.
by Matt_Decker May 07, 2008

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Aussie Rum swilling Rockabilly. Could also be a Greaser or a Psychobilly. Often drunk in public. Preferring Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry, they keep to themselves except when eying off Bettys, beating down Lads and other forms of asshole & Bogun who piss off the general public. Can be seen driving Rat Rods and riding Motorbikes. Natural enemy of the swagger, despite co-existing in the same social habitats.
That Tank Rum Dragon is one hell of a Drunkabilly. Better feed him some Captain, lad before he beats you with your Nautica polo.
by Matt_Decker September 05, 2011

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Noticing the over use of a design style or font in use in popular culture, which leads graphic designers to mental fatigue and despair. Severe cases result in murder/suicides using metal etched Helvetica letting, art deco lamps of slender women holding opaque spheres above their heads and starbursts containing the word 'New'.
Suzi exclaimed "Oh Brad! I just can't get over this Steampunk fad we've got at the moment. It's giving me serious Design Despair. If I see one more flyer using the Coffee Tin font I'm going to destroy (insert any significant cartoon cultural icon) by giving it claws and dripping blood.
by Matt_Decker January 26, 2012

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The Queens Broken is Australian Slang for broken English, in verbal form, with an Australian Accent
Bugger all means nothing to you, lad, in the queens broken.
by Matt_Decker August 10, 2012

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