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noun - A game that is widely enjoyed by residents of urban locations. A brief outline of the game instructions can be found below.

The goal of the game is to have fun by gathering on your stoop and throwing lightweight projectile objects at passersby.

The game is over when all players have decided they have had enough and agree to head inside for a snack or just to relax. A winner is decided by all players through reminiscing over who got the best/most memorable moment.

Setup for the game is fairly easy. Each player must contribute to the stash of projectiles to throw at innocent people who happen to walk by your stoop.

# of Players
Although the game can be enjoyed by any number of people, the ideal game consists of a small group of 3-6 players.

Each stoop has its own rules and regulations based on who lives there. Basic ground rules applicable to every game of stoop is that no person is to leave the stoop at any time. Doing so is an automatic disqualification (DQ) of winning. There are, however, 2 exceptions to this rule. You may leave to get more supplies to throw or to use the facilities/grab food from the apartment/house you are playing stoop on. Food/drink must be enjoyed outside on the stoop if a game is still being played. The other exception that would allow a player to leave the stoop would be if a player is being "challenged". Being challenged can take any of the following forms - If after you throw something, regardless of whether or not you hit someone, the passerby either 1- threatens you, 2- swears at you/curses you off, or 3- steps foot onto your stoop. If you are being challenged, you have unalienable permission to leave the stoop and swear,threaten or fight back. If someone challenges you in the form of stepping on your stoop, you must, by any means, get said person off the stoop. If you fail to do so, its all hands on deck; every player must attempt to remove the challenger from the step.

Needless to say, the game is over if all players have been defeated by a challenger or the police show up.
John: Im so bored right now Black. I have nothing to do.

Mike: Ayo lets call over Theo and we can play stoop at your crib.
by Matt1218 February 25, 2008

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