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Simply - One who has an interest (small or large) of anthropomorphic animals (animals who have a human qualities be it simply talking or having a human-like body).

One who has an interest in anthropomorphic animals. Does not mean wanting to have sex with them.
Let's go check out the family-friendly art at the <furry convention>.
by Master_stghm June 23, 2005

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A form of mathematics that has few real life applications apart from architecture, contruction, physics, astronomy, and other mathmatical sciences.
WHy do we have to take geometry Mrs. Brunk?

It helps you learn how to think.

Why is this a math class?

Because geometry is math.

Why to we have to take geometry Mrs. Brunk?
by Master_stghm February 09, 2006

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People will say that some music isn't "real music" simply because it does not suit their tastes. When in reality, if it's music it's music. Many people say that electronic dance music, rap, and hip hop aren't real forms of music.
Dude, that techno isn't real music, neither is rap.

by Master_stghm May 20, 2006

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The big blobs of people who can't move and get crushed by their own weight.
Did you see that land whale on TV last night?
by Master_stghm October 11, 2005

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A person who wishes not to be tied to any one nation. These people see humanity as one and do not like the idea of nationalism, patriotism, racism, or any other segregating ideology. A world citizen sees themself first as a member of mankind.
Many famous philosophers including Socrates, H.G. Wells, Albert Einstein, and Jules Verne each considered themselves to be a world citizen.
by master_stghm April 02, 2006

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A suburb of Lansing. THIS TOWN IS MESSED UP!!!1 The only thing to do in Grand Ledge is drugs.
Grand Ledge is boring! Wanna go get high?
by Master_stghm February 14, 2005

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KDK is the internet pseudonym of a internet radio show host. He hosts the show KDK's Lunatic Fringe on PCU: Prank Call Underground Radio over SHOUTCast(pcuradio.com) and has a small community of fans around him and PCU.
Mark, is KDK on tonight?
by Master_stghm June 24, 2005

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