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A fennec fox/Furry, half moth, and have saber tooth teeth. She brings abused children to adoption and take care of favorites like Pibby(i think Pibby is calling her Mommy right now.) Is 8'9 and had a Chimera Form that is 10'6. She live with Prototype-0001 in a rented house and can immediately seduce him (She is gonna slap the shit out of me.) Can carry a 7'11 axe and slice you in half. Is a mother to all and can make Prototype-0001 be seductive when she let him sniff the rose on her eye(I am dead :'D.) She is love by everyone and had a tracer before but now they are friends. Had three tails that had three purpose the first tail is a 3rd hand the second is a 3rd eye and the third is a 2nd mouth. This 3 tails can seduce her if she command them.(Well time to lock the doors.) She looks Pregaganantegolante.
Crystaline Insumiho get ratioded:)
by Mask-C June 26, 2022
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The first Protogen ever created appeared in 1990 and was made out of latex, machine's, Wolf/Dog, and a 19 year old boy. He was named Prototype-0001 and was known as the only Protogen who can use magic. He was run to many test and modification. His mask/helmet is able to be taken off to reveal his real face, without it he is able to use magic and with it he isn't able to use it. He can speak symbols whenever he is stressed. He can use different codes that will effect and change his physical body. He is known to take care multiple animals but is sometimes a prankster by faking a kill.
The First Protogen is safe and is quite playful
by Mask-C June 24, 2022
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The very first Protogen ever to be created is made out of latex, Wolf/Dog, machines, and a 19 year old child. He is named as Prototype-0001 and is able to be speak symbols everytime is stressed out.

There are 10 More Prototypes and the last one is chosen to be the perfect first Protogen. The name of the first Protogen is x-881cj9.

Prototype-0001 is able to take of it's mask and reveal it's face and it will be able to use it's magic but with the mask on it cannot use it. Prototype-0001 is capable of using different codes by scanning it with it's mask and it will effect its physical form.

He is 9'0-9'1 and is quite friendly but hate it when someone hurts a animal.
The first Protogen is safe to be touch and is friendly to children
by Mask-C June 24, 2022
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