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To be 0wn3d by a newbie, whether by having been outwitted (sadly), or somehow fucked over by one's lack of skill/intelligence.
When you receive a page at 4:00am because your HP support person can't unzip a god damn zip file.
by Marz December 6, 2004
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A term very similar to "STFU" - Shut The Fuck Up that merged with the abreviation "NFSU" - Need For Speed Underground (a gay computer game). STFU + NSFU = Need For Shut The Fuck Up. It first occured in an MSN convo paying out a "n00b"'s saying that they're off to play need for speed underground.
Nick: Im off to play NFSU
Benno: Oh yeah me too.
Marz: how bout u both go play a nice game of NFSTFU
CrAd: lawl!
BaZzA: n00bz.
by Marz April 2, 2005
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NFSTFU 2 or NFSTFU2 - Similar to NFSTFU but modified for the sequel of the n00b game, Need For Speed Underground 2.
Nick: hey guys i just spent 2 hours playing NFSU2
CrAd: how about you play some NFSTFU2
Marz: rofl
BaZzA: n00b...
by Marz April 2, 2005
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a gay group of ppl that likes to sleep together after a scrim/match.....but hos is teh gayest of tehm all
by Marz August 11, 2003
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A large, ice based robot in Dr. Wily's forces. Not exactly the brightest of the bunch.
Frost Man cried out, "I'll crush you! I'll make a popsicle of you!"
by Marz October 30, 2003
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A fucktard that cant type fucktard for shit.
Marz: look the n00b can't type for shit
by Marz April 2, 2005
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gay cyberkast radio dj's say when u spam something in there IRC channlel...

getting banned from gamesNET
by Marz May 2, 2003
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