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When ignorant inner city people (Read: Niggers) take their civil and/or marital disputes outside, usually at wildly inappropriate times. These operas often escalate to incredible levels, and dangerous levels, for both those involved and those apparently innocent bystanders who just happen to be around Urban Operas usually end in police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, or all of the above at the scene, and the actors, when found, are awarded shiny metal bracelets.
Did you see the Nigger's Opera this morning? At around 4 am those stupid niggers across the street started arguing in their front yard. the husband got tired of his wife's back-sass and did what any self respecting bit of ghetto trash would do. he pulled out his gun and began shooting at her. When that didn't work because he's a horrible shot, he decided that the only recourse was to set their car on fire and flee before the police and firemen reached the scene, leaving their 8 children to watch and giggle on the sidewalk across the street from their house.
by Marten Turner June 21, 2010

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A white person who acts like a stereotypical "white person" the majority of the time, but has periods of stereotypical "black" behavior: such as an unquenchable thirst for fried chicken and an irresistible urge to steal bikes and fornicate with overweight white women who have pierced eyebrows and daddy issues, as if tantalized by the light of the full moon, much like the were-wolf of European lore.
John seems normal at first, but I've known him a long time, you should see him practically drinking KFC when the full moon comes out... total Were-Nigger, watch out.
by Marten Turner June 28, 2010

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Racial slur against rednecks and hill-billies.
Billy-Bob over there is a truxican.
by Marten Turner May 10, 2010

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A pit-roasted pig, stuffed with 4 Turducken. The ultimate slap in the face to PETA and the most delicious food known to mankind, Ambrosial in quality, and gargantuan in quantity. In eating a full portion of this glorious dish, you are single-handedly contributing to the deaths of no fewer than 4 animals.
That there may LOOK like just an ordinary barbecuing pig, but its REALLY a piturducken; more like crackerjacks, with a special surprise inside, I hope you don't have plans for this week, because the ensuing food coma may last 5-6 days.
by Marten Turner May 17, 2010

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The mouth of a crazy person; whenever they are talking.
Steve: "So, I just got home, where are you, and more importantly, why is the spaghetti sauce ON FIRE"

Lynn: "Well, I put it on the stove, and then these aliens came in, and we went outside, then the angels, yeah i think they were angels, not aliens took me to heaven and i got to meet god! He was SO nice!"

Steve: "Shut your crazy hole! I can hear it on your phone, you're at the mall!"
by Marten Turner June 24, 2010

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