When having sex, move left to right, as opposed to up and down or forward and back, this is most easlily done by laying on a sleeping bag, or any other slidy surface.
Dude, when I was bangin' my girl, I used the z-axis and she orgasmed like MAD.
by Halo 2 Killa June 7, 2005
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a code used among teens to define a girl's butt in reference to the 3 dimensions on a graph. Z axis is how much it sticks out. Y axis is how tall it is. X axis is how wide it is.
by SMDWCE3 January 29, 2009
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The correct answer to the question "What's up?"

In 3-dimensional Cartesian terms, the x-axis is east and west, the y-axis is north and south, and the z-axis is up and down. So the positive z-axis is what's up.
Guy 1: "What's up, man?"
Guy 2: "The positive z-axis."
Guy 1: *rolls eyes*
by MarshoT November 30, 2009
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