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A mysterious man of Czech and Mexican ethnicity known for his ability to pick up aspiring young actresses at election parties. This type of man thinks he is suave and has all the right moves, but really the aspiring actress is just bored and needs a good lay.
Girl: So I had sex with the Czechxican last night.
Boy: Again?
Girl: I was drunk. I was bored. I'm an aspiring actress. Work it out.
Boy: Holla.
by MarlboroRed May 01, 2009

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A dreadlocked creature who observes, reports, and has superhero spying abilities. He is known to perform various acts of espionage such as peering through vents, using heavy duty lens telescopes, and standing in the men's locker room with a notepad. He keeps his shit locked down.
Girl: Oh my god, did you just see that??
Boy: No, what was it?
Girl: I think I just saw, like, a DREADLOCK coming out of my air vent?!
Boy: You know what that means...
Girl/Boy: SPYRA!!!!!!!
by MarlboroRed May 01, 2009

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A sorry excuse for a stage space in Little Rock, Arkansas, known for its sub-par actors and laughable attempts at modern American drama. Its actors are often comprised of failed New York rejects, boring lawyers who have nothing better to do, and students from surrounding colleges who were never talented enough to get cast in their school productions. Ironically, each of these groups feel like they are God's gift to the arts.
Actor Wannabe: Have you heard of my latest show?
Pseudo-Friend: No.
Actor Wannabe: I got the lead in the next Weekend Theater production.
Pseudo-Friend: Really? How many people auditioned??
Actor Wannabe: Just me.
Pseudo-Friend: (pause) Yeah have fun with that.
by MarlboroRed May 01, 2009

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