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Amazing sauce is sometimes used instead of Awesome Sauce
Used for something going to happen.
Also used when you want to describe something going to be awesome.
John: Dude, I am so going to kick his ass!
Dave: It's going to be amazing sauce!

Jimmy: We are going to watch a movie, it's going to be amazing sauce, want to come?
Eddy: Dude, Count me in!
by Markus Oink January 24, 2009
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Pál is a Faroese name, the orgins of this name are still not known, some say Iceland others say Sweden even Norwegian.
It is the worst that you can ever be, and it is a defense to everything!
Usually in defense against: your mom super shield and many other phrases.
This word is to remind everyone how bad Pál has it everyday, and you both agree that he has it a lot worse than your own arguments or problems.
Mark: Dudes what you guys doing?
Dia & Hjalti: Your mom!
Mark: Pál
Dia: Oh dude, totally unfair.
Hjalti: Yea we have to pity the fool Pál.
by Markus Oink February 01, 2009
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