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An ardent following or liking for something, apparently at odds with ones geographical location or class. A portmanteau word made of fan and anachronism
The other lads on the estate considered Baz's love of Baroque Chamber Music something of a fanachronism
by Markiavelli February 17, 2013

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The ubicuitous top quality, 1080p, 3D TV which Daily Mail readers believe to stand in the corner of each and every Council house, saying to visitors;

"You may have to move the used nappies and plastic microwave meal cartons in order to sit down, but this is a house that watches Jeremy Kyle in style whilst you work. Muhaawahah!"
Daily Mail Reader Rachel "Yes Mary, as if those immigrants and the vegetables causing cancer aren't bad enough, my neighbours haven't worked a day in their lives and they still have a giant Chavbox.."
by Markiavelli February 19, 2013

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Portmanteau word

The forced workplace based camaraderie that exists between middle management and her "team"
Typically involves laughter at appallingly weak jokes and bonding exercises in which "Team Leader" and "Team" fantasise over the changes to the workplace they would invoke if the lottery syndicate got lucky.
It is shown to have no basis in friendship when exposed to meaningful scrutiny
The sense of them "all being in it together" was exposed as a "shamaraderie" the moment the MD began to ascertain who was to blame for the loss of the account
by Markiavelli February 17, 2013

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