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Portmanteau word

The forced workplace based camaraderie that exists between middle management and her "team"
Typically involves laughter at appallingly weak jokes and bonding exercises in which "Team Leader" and "Team" fantasise over the changes to the workplace they would invoke if the lottery syndicate got lucky.
It is shown to have no basis in friendship when exposed to meaningful scrutiny
The sense of them "all being in it together" was exposed as a "shamaraderie" the moment the MD began to ascertain who was to blame for the loss of the account
by Markiavelli February 17, 2013
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When you feel obliged to have a good time in the company of people you'd rather not be around.


People pretending to be your friends when really all they want is something from you, when they are drunk, or themselves feel obliged due the social situation.
"I think I'll give the work Xmas party a miss this year, I can't stand the drunken shamaraderie!"
by Scott Hoad December 13, 2009
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