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(noun) a homosexual male; a man who engages in sexual activity with other men (pronounced hump-tee-doo-dee-an).

This term is devoid of derogatory connotation and is similar to the nouns describing the natives or citizens of particular countries, e.g "He's an American, she's a Russian".

"Humpty-dudeian" may refer to residents of the mythical land of Humpty-Dude, which is thought to be where Brokeback Mountain is located, however current theories suggest that this is merely a state of mind or mild delusion, such as the optimistic belief system which gives currency to the idea that saliva is a viable alternative to personal lubricant.

From "to hump (verb) - to have sex" and "dude (noun) - a human being of the masculine gender"
Heath: "So how come Pete hasn't found the right girl yet?"
Jake: "He's a humpty-dudeian."
by Mark & Phillip September 21, 2009

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- noun
1. The act of a person who takes, collects, or harvests items left for kerbside rubbish collection with the intention of reusing or recycling those items; applies especially where the goods are otherwise collectable or saleable;
2. The items available for collection by those who op - "Mt Lawley has good opping"

- adjective
1. of, for, or pertaining to examining or collecting items left for kerbside rubbish collection "an opping trip"

From "shopping", "oportunity", "openly available"
1. "Dudemeister, let's take the Jag and your old man's trailer and go opping in Ardross".
2. "Check out the retro chairs we picked up opping on Sunday".
by Mark & Phillip August 25, 2008

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