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A sweet place up north where you can go hunting, fishing and campin' all the time. You also got the mainah's who enjoy working on the cars. Oh and ya can't live without duck tape and WD-40
Maine slang...

Wicked awesome man

No doubt

Yahhh duddde

Get'ah done
by Maranda May 19, 2005

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Someone who is obsessed with getting t-shirts with multiple Colleges on them
Crocker: "Johnson, you bought another friggin college t-shirt?"
Johnson: " Well what can I say? I'm a college t-shirt whore!"
by Maranda May 19, 2005

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The goods can be anything and/or anyone.
Buck: Woah dude I want to get the goods all night long!!
Paul: The goods? whats that?
Buck: Yah know...the goods ;-)

P1: Jesus is the goods
P2: Woah seriously
P1: Fuck yah

by Maranda May 13, 2005

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Someone who wants to make sweet love to jesus because he has muscular theighs that could crush a walnut!! Or someone who thinks Jesus is the goods.
Maranda: Wow olivia, I'm wearing my super hot Jesus Sandles!!!
Olivia: Well of course you are, you're a Jesus Radical.
Maranda: HELL YEAH

Pete: Wow, i want to make sweet love to that jesus radical over there.

Bob: Yeah...I'm a fuckin' jesus radical
by Maranda May 13, 2005

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When all the girls in a group of friends go out, leaving the guy friends and boyfriends behind for a night of fun. -flirting with hott waiters to get free food is a must!
Last night we racked up $40 worth of free food at Casa Ole at girls' night out.
by MaRanda August 20, 2003

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