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1 definition by Mangoe E. Howlermonkey

A homosexual, tropical and overweight species of wild boar that thrives with its close sexual partner (Timone) in the movies "The Lion King" "The lion King II: Simba's Pride" And "The Lion King One and 1/2"
A Pumbaa has blood red coloring, long pointy tusks, and a short stumpy mane of black pubic hair, he can be seen obsessing over his lover Timone deep in the rainforests somewhere in Africa.
The Pumbaas' diet consists of insects, worms, and various dead animals- much of which it gathers with its tongue and tusks.

That male Pumbaa is obsessing over a male Meerkat!
That Meerkat must be a Timone!
Oh look! They're making gay love together!
by Mangoe E. Howlermonkey February 1, 2009
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