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The most boring of all people. The one who makes you want to pluck out your arm hairs one by one to help keep you awake. Boringist people are not offended if you call them boringist cos they are far to boring to care. The boringist's idea of excitement is watching grass grow.
Captkirk: Oh My God - did you see that
Mamabeere: What?
Captkirk: That blade of grass over there just grew 1mm over the past 4 hours
Mamabeere: Sorry - didn't notice that you most boringist person ever - was too busy making SMEGMA!
by Mamabeere February 11, 2010

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surgery that uses a part of your earlobe to make 'labia-grafts'! They are rolled through a machine - similar to the 'wringer' on an old washing machine - and the best bit is - if you use the part of your earlobe that was pierced you end up with an instant labia-piercing!!! They are called "Lobias"

"Help me DR,
My labias were ripped off in a terrible accident"

DR: "that's OK you can get some lobia's"
"Really - great thanks what does this involve"
DR: "Just an earlobe graft -even comes with a piercing"
by Mamabeere June 13, 2010

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