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In the behavioural sciences, Schadenfreude is the term for a euphoric affective state experienced in response to visual and auditory stimuli communicating others experiencing pain or suffering. The euphoric effect has been observed to be significantly elevated in females, primarily of Western origin, when the suffering is observed in males known to the test subject, with a strong correlation between the level of prior intimacy and intensity of the euphoria. Of particular note is the extreme degree to which other faculties may be impaired as the intensity of the euphoric state increases in the observer, in correlation to the increased suffering of the observed.
"In my decades long career I've never witnessed the brain's pleasure centre light up as much as it has in the divorced couple Schadenfreude cases. The most remarkable example was when a caucasian, middle class, suburban female heard her ex-husband had fallen off a roof and shattered his spine. She only heard an aural account and apparently didn't even need to witness it. The intensity of brain activity doubled when she was told he may never walk again. When she heard his children were watching and heard an account of the total humiliation he felt as they witnessed the moment of his downfall, we had to stop the experiment out of concern her brain may overheat. The fact that they were also her children witnessing a traumatic event appeared to have no attenuating effect on her response, if anything it increased."
by MalcolmTent0 April 10, 2018

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Someone who is both an anti-bigot and bigot simultaneously.
Schrödinger's bigot (noun):
"I really don't understand those people, they generalise what whole groups of people are like just because they don't understand them."
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by MalcolmTent0 March 17, 2019

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