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A term that is derogatory from the Greek translation of mythical creatures. Plural Plasmyth is Plasymi.
Grandpa Steve: And the Plasmi helped the humans...
Trystin: What's a Plasmyth?
Grandpa Steve: Make-believe creatures.
by Majetic February 24, 2011
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Def 1: To pull a RedFoxxer is to pretend to be someone who you really aren't because everyone hates you. Then you realize you have no experience what-so-ever and just end up looking stupid.

Def 2: To not be completely obvious.
Example 1:
Joe: Yo, This is my crib! I got, uhhh, comic books, some anime...
Kassandra: O.o
Joe: Don't worry, dude, it's all so-shizzle!
Kassandra: No, it's just hate you more now that you're trying to pull a RedFoxxer on me.

Example 2:
Tim: I did so many chores yesterday! I washed the dishes with my hands, I swept the porch with the broom...
Joe, Alex, Mark: ...
Tim: And I bicycled to the mailbox with no hands!
Joe, Alex, Mark: Wooo! *applause*
by Majetic February 23, 2011
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What you say when you want to make people feel awkward and say something perverted at the same time.
Joe: Dude, did you know Alex was a furfag?
Danny: BAAAHHHH!!!
Joe: What the shit?
by Majetic February 23, 2011
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When someone creates a false alt and can't go 5 minutes without being discovered who they really are. These may be because they: Blow compliments up their own ass on the other account, attempt to contact people who have blocked them and tell them how much better their other account is, and reply to comments on either account with the same personality (Ex: Angry, Sad, Happy, over all Retarded). You can also tell who the Fail-Alteers are by how their spelling is; for instance "i luv cats.they are awwesome!" And you'd have to be a fool not to recognize spelling errors like that. Of course, people who do this are in general 7-year-old idiot-boys or completely inexperienced man-children!
One day RedFoxProductions10 made a fail-alt account called Cowboyluver, and told AstroOmlett22 "RedFoxProductions10 is way better anim8or than you! You suck you stoopid dummy head fag!" Then AstroOmlett22 tried replying back to this message, but instead was encountered with a box that said "Haha! I blocked you! How dou like it, stoopid dummy?!" and Cowboyluver's comments box was full of messages telling himself how clever he was. Then AstroOmlett22 posted the predicament to failblog and RedFoxProductions10 was never to be heard of again! ^^
by Majetic February 23, 2011
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