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This is a jargon in the IT world for a resource who can do both technical and functional tasks.
He is a good fechnical resource. I have seen him do both functional and technical work with equal ease.
by Mahesh Vallampati February 26, 2008

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Short for "Kissing up, Kicking Down". Usually refers to middle managers who will kiss up to their management and kick down people who report to them as they are afraid that they will overshadow them and steal their job. A variation of crooked.
He was a "kukd" guy.
by Mahesh Vallampati February 27, 2008

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ConceptWare- It is a process where an existing product/service is proposed as a solution for something that has never been before done. As a concept it sounds good, but the reality may be totally different.
Software, Hardware and Service companies try to sell conceptware using existing products and services.
by Mahesh Vallampati April 17, 2009

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An Acronym standing for "Sustainable Competitive Advantage Model".
CEO's are mandated by their shareholders to achieve a Suatainable Competitive Advantage Model. A SCAM so to speak
by Mahesh Vallampati March 11, 2008

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Work Avoidance Strategy Task Execution
He is good in waste management as in W.A.S.T.E
by Mahesh Vallampati May 17, 2018

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