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The pairing name for the two main characters of the Halo series, the Master Chief and his A.I partner, Cortana. "Green and Blue" is also the name of a track in the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack.


The song plays at the end of the Halo 4 Campaign, where the Master Chief is seen in a blue bubble-like hardlight shield, and is confronted by Cortana, only to be told that she cannot accompany him away from The Composer, as the physical remains of her is down at the site of the debris from The Composer.
Player 1: Who's your favorite gaming coupling?

Player 2: Green and Blue, of course!

Player 3: Damn.. the track "Green and Blue" cannot be listened to without being accompanied by depression and tears.
by MagmaticLizard December 2, 2012
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From the Halo Universe, the phrase "Undid Iridium", when spoken in front of a UNSC Artificial Intelligence, will override it, causing it to obey the commands of the person who recited the phrase.

In Spartan Ops Episode 7, you can see an example of this phrase in work, when Dr. Halsey uses it on A.I Rolland to break from her cell.
Halsey: Hidden things can be... useful.
Roland: Such as?
Halsey: Such as the phrase "Undid Iridium".
*Roland begins glitching as he attempts to repeat Undid*
Roland: UNSC AI override instructions active, Doctor Catherine Halsey (in calm, new voice).
by MagmaticLizard January 29, 2013
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