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Drama that is completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Drama that nobody cares about.
Example 1

Girl 1: My dad died last night...

Guy: Oh my god I'm so sorry!

Girl 2: Well I missed the bus this morning!!!

Guy: ... *shakes head* white girl drama

Example 2

Girl: My hair looks soooooo baddddd!!!

Guy: *shakes head* white girl drama

Example 3

Guy 1: ...my dad took my phone away

Guy 2: Dude...don't complain to me about your white girl drama...
by MagicPanda March 20, 2012

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Its when you try to look up a girls skirt, to see her shorts or hopefully her panties. Its a typical puertorican activity when youre bored in school or at the mall.
Voy a ligar a esa muchacha.
Me acabe de ligar a juana, tiene un panti rosita puesto.
by magicpanda April 14, 2007

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