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The Friday at 4:30 PM visit from your boss to "just say Hi." What she is really saying is "want to make sure you are here and did not sneak out with all the other worker bees."
I was ready to hit happy hour early tonight but got hit with a Loyalty Check from "The Boss". She burried me with stuff to do early Monday morning.
by Macpony September 17, 2010
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A person that excel in Shit Stirring. While a group of people may be known for Shit Stirring, this person is the leader of the pack.
Tech #1: Bob in Accounting called, he is unhappy with his computer again !

Tech #2: He is the Shit Stirrer of the Highest Order (SSOTHO) for a PITA department.

Tech #1: Yeah Buddy !
by Macpony December 04, 2013
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The act of planting extra crops in FarmVille to cover a flakey friend while working on a Co-Op Farming project.
Kris: Why are you planting an extra field of wheat ? We already have enough planted.

Mike: Its a Safety Crop because Brent is so ADHD, he gets distracted and forgets to harvest in time. I am tired of virtual farming and coming up short on the goal !
by Macpony December 31, 2010
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The IT person in the company that holds a little known data base with all the key information. They use it to their advantage without sharing with others.
Lincoln is a Data Hoarder !!! He looks so smart because he has the MB Database with all the workstation information. Funny he doesn't give anyone else access to that company data. Grrrr.
by Macpony May 26, 2012
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