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A small cheap-as-bread sub-sub-sub compact car, which, if painted red with a yellow roof, would look surprisingly similar to a Fisher Price toy coup car. It is silly looking, and pisses me and others off when it is in a 5 inch parking spot next to a driveway in the middle of NYC preventing other, real cars from parking. It is extremely unsafe, despite its pathetic excuse for a roll cage. In fact, this car is so unsafe, you would probably die just hitting the curb. Buy a Honda, or VW instead.
Smart Car owner: I just bought a smart car, its soo cute and fuel efficient

SUV owner: Yeah, I just bought a hummer, and I never check my blind spot.

*explosion occurs, as smart car disintegrates*
by MK the Political Scientist March 14, 2010
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Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Essentially taking money in the form of taxation from one hard earning person and giving it to another person with less economic worth. A Socialist tenet often done in the name of equality, but usually done to gain favor with the poor, urban liberal voters. It is also known as the governments slush fund for funding social programs.
Business owner: Because of wealth redistribution, 40% of my income was taken from me and given to lazy, less fortunate people to sit at home. Now I cannot afford to hire the determined, less fortunate people who are actually looking for work.
by MK the Political Scientist March 14, 2010
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Hipsters and wannabe urbanites who move from suburban wastelands to NYC believing they will make it big in business, Broadway, or some other NY industry. Eventually, these mid-western suburbanites leave NYC generally after 1-2 years, after they realize they can't take the fast paced culture of NYC, get frustrated, and move to a more laid back city out west (Los Angeles, Seattle, or even back home). Those who expire are generally replaced with another hipster-suburbanite, who will eventually reach his/her expiration date, and the cycle continues.
Hipster E. village kid from Washington: Hey wheres Thom?

Hipster from Idaho: Oh, ya, Thom reached his New York City expiration date, he Got the F*** out before he reached his breaking point.
by Mk the Political Scientist February 16, 2011
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A Soviet Socialist Satellite Republic.
Student who is not Socialist: Hunter College, a place where if you do not subscribe to the party line, you will be sent to Siberia.
by MK the Political Scientist March 14, 2010
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n. the gaping void of nothing that is known officially as the state of Idaho.
NYer: WTF my plane got canceled as I was making my way to CA, now I am stuck in the middle of Boise, Idahole.
by MK the Political Scientist May 23, 2010
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Slamming on your brakes for a random fucking merge, and going from 70mph to 0mph in t-minus 5 seconds on a LA freeway.
Person not familiar with merge spots:
OMFG stop stop stop its an LA traffic stop. Holy Sh!t, (crash)

LA driver: He didn't factor in the random fucking merge, and in a LA traffic stop, he rear-ended that hybrid.
by MK the Political Scientist April 20, 2010
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