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A trip taken by one or more co-workers during the work week, which has no legitimate work or family purpose, and is achieved through misdirection to fool work colleagues into believing it is a legitimate family trip and to fool spouse/family into believing it is a legitimate business trip. When executed properly, this seldom used, high-risk tactic, can result in significant time away from both work and family but often results in awkward silences with or nonsensical explanations to co-workers and apologies to spouses and/or family members. The “flea flicker” is considered an extreme variant of the “stretch.”
Worker 1: Have you seen co-worker X, Y or Z this week?

Worker 2: No, I thought they were in New York for meetings.

Worker 1: There are no meetings in New York this week, they must be running the flea flicker again and I can’t wait to hear the explanations for their simultaneous disappearances.
by MDM_1234 December 31, 2012

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A co-worker' act of extending the duration of a business trip, at the company's expense, in order to pursue purely personal objectives, such as martini lunches, happy hours, steak dinners, golf, gambling, sporting events and generally avoiding spouse and children.
Wow, co-worker X has an impressive stretch working, he turned a four-hour business meeting into a three day trip, including, two steak dinners, some nice hangovers and a baseball game.
by MDM_1234 March 07, 2011

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