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42A is simply a poker hand which represents the famous stonerworld number 420 because the A can easily be seen as an 0... if your high that is!
Announcer: Looks like he picked up the 42A draw!

Willy Nelson: I raise 420,000
by MCDC TWIST November 28, 2008
Popular phrase which can be heard uttered at any high stakes poker table. This player will usually have an ok hand but are confronted with a call raise forcing them to go all in with their chips.
Ali Nejad: Phil Hellmuth has 2 pair Kings high but Gus Hansen on the other hand is shading 3 bullets on the turn.

Gus Hansen: I raise 15,000

Phil Hellmuth: Damn it, all in
by MCDC TWIST June 11, 2008
Popular phrase hollered by famous rapper Lil Wayne.

You obviously only hear music and don't listen to it. If you all would listen closely, he says "we are not the same I am a Martian".

In the movie E.T., the main character is a lost alien, who needs to "phone home" to be rescued. Weezy is simply referencing this Hollywood classic while simultaneously proving how we are not the same as him because he is an alien. WHATS UP
by MCDC TWIST September 8, 2008